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sanitation1All types of bait has to compete with other food sources to attract rats and mice.  Eliminating spilled feed or trash that can attract rodents will make any baiting program more effective.  

Place bait in areas where there are signs of rodent activity (droppings, gnaw marks, etc.) and in corners or along walls where rodents travel.  Select the right bait form that best fits the needs of your situation.

Bait Chunx are an excellent choice when you want to monitor bait consumption. The unique block shape and edges are preferred by rodents that like to gnaw, and they contain holes for placing on rods in a bait station, or secured using nails or wire.  Plus, since they’re mold & moisture resistant, they can be used indoors or out. 

rat mouse productsPlace Pacs are excellent for use in tight areas such as behind appliances and are convenient because your hands never have to touch the bait. Individual Place Pacs keep the pellets contained and protect the bait from being contaminated by odors, moisture, or dirt.  The Place Pac doesn’t have to be opened – rats & mice will gnaw through the paper to get to the pellets inside.  

Pelleted Bait is available in bulk, and works especially well for baiting rat burrows.  Bait Chunx can be kicked out of burrows, so using smaller pellets is recommended when burrow baiting.

In areas with a lot of competing food sources, Meal Bait is highly attractive to rodents.  The highly palatable oat & grain formula mimics rodents’ natural food sources and helps maximize acceptance.

baitstations1Bait Stations: Bait stations provide added safety when baiting in and around a building. They provide security by keeping bait out of reach of children, pets, livestock and non-target animals.  In addition, they increase the effectiveness of any bait by protecting it from the elements and providing a sheltered area where rodents feel comfortable feeding. 

Any type of bait can be placed inside a station, however, Chunx can be readily secured on rods inside the station for even greater safety.


baitstationinhouseMotomco makes bait stations to fit every need. From pre-baited stations for rats and mice with bait preloaded securely inside, to larger, multi-purpose stations that can accommodate multiple bait placements or snap traps.