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Around the Home

For homeowners, who don’t require a large amount of bait, we recommend purchasing disposable or refillable bait stations. 

They are available in both Rat and Mouse sizes, and there are options for indoor and outdoor use that are both child and dog resistant.


Look for the logo to determine the level of bait station security that’s right for your home!


Disposable stations come pre-packed with 1 oz of Block Bait, so there’s no need to touch the bait.  Simply discard the station once mice have eaten the bait.

Refillable bait stations are sold with additional blocks of bait, which can be used to continually refill the station as needed.

Tomcat Disposable and Refillable bait stations all contain the active ingredient Bromethalin, an acute active ingredient  - a single block kills up to 12 mice*.


 Around the Farm

For farmers and agricultural producers with more significant rodent problems, bait is available in bulk sizes (4lbs or more).  Motomco offers a variety of bait forms and active ingredients to use in any situation.

Bait Chunx are resistant to mold and moisture and can be secured inside a bait station, or with nails or wire.  The unique shape provides edges that rodents love to gnaw.

Place Pacs keep bait contained for placement in hard to reach areas and help keep bait fresh by protecting it from dirt, dust or moisture.  No need to open pacs - rodents will gnaw through them to access the bait.

Meal Bait is our most palatable bait form – the unique oat & grain formula provides various textures and flavors that rodents love.  Use in areas where there are other food sources competing with bait.

Bulk Pellets are easy to use and excellent for Baiting active rat burrows or other difficult areas like walls or foundations.