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Motomco has a variety of tools and point of purchase material to help educate customers on selecting the best rodent control options for their needs. Click below for more details. To order any of these items for your store, contact your Motomco Territory Manager for more information.

Header Sign

TOMCAT 9 x 48 Sign


Shelf Danglers

These 4.5” wide circles “dangle” off the shelf to highlight key products. Made from durable, long-lasting vinyl and includes adhesive for easily attaching to any shelf.

  M520 Hawk Chunx Dangler Circle 2018   M521 TWB Meal Bait Dangler circle


Multi-Page Shelf Talkers

Spiral bound, multiple page shelf talker has tons of great information for anyone looking for answers to questions about rodent control. Attaches with a clip that fits into standard gondola shelf channel.

 M497 Motomco Rodent Control Solutions Spiral Shelf Talker 2018 1

Shelf Talkers

3 x 5 cards for nearly every product category help educate customers and draw attention to key features and benefits of Motomco products. Easily attach to any shelf with plastic sleeves.

M388 1 Motomco Mole Killer Shelf Talker

M392 3 Motomco Gopher Killer Shelf Talker

M410 Tomcat Choose the Level Shelf Talker

M411 3 Tomcat Cons Bait Station Shelf Talker

M484 1 Tomcat Bait Stations Shelf Talker 2018

M439 2 Tomcat w Brom 2018 Shelf Talker 3x5

M440 2 Tomcat Diph 2018 Shelf Talker 3x5

M482 2 Jaguar Shelf Talker

M483 2 Hawk Shelf Talker 2018

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