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Agricultural producers face many challenges in profitably managing their operations. At Motomco, we’re committed to helping Producers minimize economic and productivity losses caused by rodents. 

We specialize in helping customers identify potential risks and then providing practical, cost effective solutions.  

-Market leader in the agriculture industry, focused solely on how rodents impact your operation  

-Motomco Rodent Control System provide comprehensive guidelines that result in a sustained, effective rodent program  

-Broad portfolio of field proven baits, bait stations, mechanical and adhesive traps.    

-Experienced team of Territory Managers to provide technical support and recommendations for any Livestock Producer  

-Decades of industry knowledge and strong relationships with nationwide network of Distributors 


Meal Bait and Soft Bait

While most Producers use Bait Stations with Motomco Bait Chunx to manage their rodent control, there are often situations where it’s recommended to use an alternate bait form. Other food sources compete with bait, so a more palatable formula is necessary. Meal Bait and Soft Bait are 2 excellent options to use when bait acceptance is critical. Meal Bait and...
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Biosecurity and Disease Transmission

Rodent control is an integral part of any biosecurity program. The highest price you pay for having rats and mice on your premises is the health risk they pose to your livestock. Rodents can be reservoirs for disease, which can live inside the rodent's body and be excreted in their urine and feces. They are also a mechanical vector, transferring pathogens...
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Preventing Feed Loss

Rats and mice cost producers millions of dollars a year in feed loss. That's feed you're buying but your livestock isn't eating. A single rat can eat 20 or more pounds of feed a year and a mouse, nearly 5 pounds. On top of that, rodents contaminate 10 times that amount with their urine and droppings. When margins are tight, the loss in feed efficiency or...
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Structural Damage

Rats and mice like to gnaw and will spend about two percent of their day, or about a half hour, gnawing. That may not seem like much until you think of what even a few hundred rodents can do in that amount of time. The swine & poultry industry estimates that rodents cause millions of dollars of structural damage to farms every year. Gnawed Wiring Wires on...
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Inspection & Identification

A thorough inspection of your property and an understanding of size and severity of your rodent problem will help determine the best course of action. Identify rodent species involved. Determine severity and location of the problem. Identify where sanitation and rodent proofing are needed Click here for more information on identifying different rodent...
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Sanitation & Harborage

The environment around your operation has a big impact on rodent control. Keeping a clean, well-maintained facility will discourage rodent populations from nesting and make any baiting program more effective. Eliminate the rodents' food and water source – rats and mice will typically build a nest when they have an ample supply of food and water Garbage,...
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Bait Rotation

Rotate Against Resistance Bait rotation is vital to successful, long-term rodent control. Hawk can be used throughout the year for up to 6 months to maintain control. Its proven palatability makes it attractive to rodents, even when competing food sources may be available. Hawk is a consistently reliable, single-feed bait choice for day-to-day control of...
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