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Rotate Against Resistance

Bait rotation is vital to successful, long-term rodent control.

Hawk can be used throughout the year for up to 6 months to maintain control. Its proven palatability makes it attractive to rodents, even when competing food sources may be available. Hawk is a consistently reliable, single-feed bait choice for day-to-day control of recurring rodent problems.

Jaguar should be used as your second anticoagulant formulation. Jaguar is our most power single-feed, anticoagulant rodenticide. Made with the active ingredient Brodifacoum, Jaguar is proven too effectively control a wide range of rodent infestations. Plan to include in your rotation for at least 4 months.

Use Rampage during peak rodent pressures and/or when you see populations spike. This acute, non-anticoagulant rodenticide can knockdown populations and is effective even against anticoagulant resistant rats and mice. Use Rampage for at least 2 months at a time.

For Cleanout Applications

Periodically production facilities must undergo a “clean sweep”. Animals are removed, food and feces eliminated, facilities maintenance is performed, etc. This is also the ideal time to ensure that full control of any remaining rodent populations is achieved. We recommend using Eraze Ag with zinc phosphide during these events. Eraze Ag is proven to be an economical and effective way to cleanout remaining rodent populations, thus allowing facilities to return to normal operations as fast as possible.