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For best results, follow the recommendations below. A year round bait rotation strategy that includes the use of a non-anticoagulant bait for at least 2 months per year should also be employed.

  • Perimeter of the Property
    • Place tamper-resistant bait stations along perimeter of the property.
    • Use Bait Chunx®as they can be secured inside bait stations on vertical or horizontal securing rods.
  • Exterior Baiting
    • Rodents tend to gravitate towards warm air currents or where food odors emerge.
    • Tamper-resistant bait stations or traps should be placed every 30-50 ft depending on the severity of the infestation.
    • Place bait or traps around all entry doors.
    • Monitor results - check bait stations regularly to gauge bait consumption. Replace old bait with a fresh supply and move stations with unconsumed bait to new locations.
    • Burrow baiting - place loose pellets deep into burrows to treat for rodents where they live.
  • Interior Baiting
    • Place bait stations along the perimeter of inside walls away from animals.
      • For rats: place stations every 30-50 ft.
      • For mice: place stations every 8-12 ft.
    • Rats and mice like to climb. Bait rafters, attics and other areas above ground by nailing Bait Chunx®directly to walls and rafters.
    • Bait curtain ledges specifically for mice by placing bait stations at 10 ft intervals along the ledges.
    • Bait cooling cells using bait stations or by nailing Bait Chunx®directly to walls or rafters.
    • Place bait in stations away from animals in farrowing rooms.
    • Bait center aisles and curtain ledges in finishing pens by placing bait in stations out of the reach of animals.