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While most Producers use Bait Stations with Motomco Bait Chunx to manage their rodent control, there are often situations where it’s recommended to use an alternate bait form.  Other food sources compete with bait, so a more palatable formula is necessary.  Meal Bait and Soft Bait are 2 excellent options to use when bait acceptance is critical. 

  • Meal Bait and Soft Bait are formulated for maximum rodent acceptance, even when competing food sources are present




Meal Bait

Meal Bait is a unique mix of oats, seeds and grains that offer a variety of different textures and flavors that are highly attractive to rodents.  Bulk Meal can be used for burrow baiting and is widely used during Clean Out.  When buildings need to be turned around quickly, Rampage Meal will start killing rodents faster than anticoagulant baits.

  • Use Meal Bait outdoors in a Bait Station, or indoors when there is no risk to non-target animals
  • Palatability even when competing food sources are present: In and around feed mills or feed and grain storage areas
  • Hawk and Rampage Meal is available in Bulk, or in Hawk Meal Bait Place Pacs



Soft Bait

Soft Bait is an oil-based formula, manufactured with a unique blend of fats and oils for exceptional palatability.  Soft Bait can be used in more extreme conditions – the bait doesn’t melt in high heat, and will remain pliable even in sub-freezing temperatures.  In addition, the unique preservative package helps keep the bait fresh and prevents molding.




Meal Bait and Soft Bait can be incorporated into your standard bait rotation, or used as a temporary solution to get rodents under control when you’re not getting good acceptance with your current bait.

Motomco is the only company that manufactures a full line of different bait forms and active ingredient to meet the needs of any baiting situation.