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The environment around your operation has a big impact on rodent control.  Keeping a clean, well-maintained facility will discourage rodent populations from nesting and make any baiting program more effective.

  • Eliminate the rodents' food and water source – rats and mice will typically build a nest when they have an ample supply of food and water
  • Garbage, manure and any spilled animal feed will attract rodents – minimize them as much as possible
  • Rodents will look for areas to nest and breed where they are out of view of predators - Identify these harborage areas and look for ways to eliminate them both indoors and outdoors.
  • Keep grass and vegetation cut short. Tall grass protects rodents from predators.
  • Keep overhanging trees cut back. Overhanging trees provide dark shadowy areas where rodents feel safe and protected.
  • Piles of debris should be removed from the exterior of the structure. Garbage and clutter around the perimeter provide food harborage areas for rodents.
  • A 3-foot wide barrier of cement or crushed rock should be established around the structure.