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Rats and mice like to gnaw and will spend about two percent of their day, or about a half hour, gnawing. That may not seem like much until you think of what even a few hundred rodents can do in that amount of time.

The swine & poultry industry estimates that rodents cause millions of dollars of structural damage to farms every year.

structural damage1Gnawed Wiring
Wires on electrical equipment, such as fans and conveyors, hold special appeal to rodents. However, you can lose thousands of dollars overnight if your facility shuts down. Gnawed wiring can lead to expensive repair bills and, even worse, fires.


structural damage3Damage from Burrows
Rats can compromise your operation by burrowing around the perimeter of buildings and under feed bin slabs. They weaken concrete slabs and walkways.



structural damage4Curtain Damage
Mice like to nest in curtains. They can cut the life of a curtain in half. Replacing curtains every three or four years can cost you thousands of dollars.



structural damage5Energy Losses
Insulated walls are also prone to mouse damage. There is no insulation material on the market that's mouse proof. Once mice get into insulation, they nest and make tunnels. What's more, damaged sidewalls and curtains wreak havoc with your building's ventilation system, reducing efficiency and driving up your energy costs.