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Jaguar Rodenticide Pelleted Bait

Bulk pellets excellent for burrow baiting

Jaguar Rodenticide contains the active ingredient Brodifacoum, Motomco's most powerful anticoagulant.  Jaguar is our best-selling brand with poultry and swine producers and is especially successful at cleaning out tough infestations.  For baiting around agricultural buildings and areas with a lot of rodent pressure, Jaguar is the choice that works. 

Jaguar Rodenticide Pellets can be used indoors in areas inaccessible to children, and non-target animals, and can be utilized in rat burrows as well, within 100 ft of buildings.  The compressed pelleted bait is durable enough to hold up in a variety of baiting situations and the hard pellets satisfy rodents' desire to gnaw. 

- Made with the active ingredient Brodifacoum, a second-generation anticoagulant

- Motomco's strongest, most powerful anticoagulant active

- Excellent for areas of heavy rodent pressure and tough, hard to control infestations

- Motomco's #1 selling bait brand with Poultry and Swine Producers

-  Rats and mice may consume a lethal dose in one night's feeding with first dead rodents appearing 4-5 days after feeding begins

- Bulk pellets are excellent for burrow baiting to control rats & baiting in hard to reach areas

- Can be used indoors in areas inaccessible to children, pets or non-target animals