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PCQ Ag Pelleted Bait

Pelleted Bait for control of Commensal Rodents, Ground California Ground Squirrels, and Meadow & Pine Voles

Help prevent damage to your crops by using PCQ Ag, a proven bait for control of agricultural pests in crops and orchards.PCQ Ag is a durable, pelleted bait labeled for control of a wide variety of pests in specific applications, including Meadow & Pine Voles, California Ground Squirrels, and Rats and Mice.  It contains the proven active ingredient Diphacinone, a multiple feed anticoagulant.The durable, weatherable pellets provide versatility for different applications, including broadcast and aerial where allowed.   PCQ Ag is a Restricted Use Pesticide - see label instructions for full details on proper application and control.

- Specially formulated to control California Ground Squirrels, Meadow & Pine Voles, and Rats and Mice.

- Highly palatable formula competes with natural food sources in the field

- Contains Diphacinone, a proven first-generation anticoagulant active

- Durable, weatherable pellets provide versatility for a variety of applications, including aerial broadcast where allowed

- Approved for sale in the following states: Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia

- CALIFORNIA GROUND SQUIRRELS: Approved for use in secured, tamper-resistant bait stations at ANY time of year for applications in: Vineyards, Fruit Tree Orchards, Avocados & Citrus Groves OR for Spot Baiting Applications during a non-bearing phase for sites listed above

- MEADOW & PINE VOLES: Approved for use in Fruit Tree Orchards in Bait Stations, Burrow Baiting and Broadcast applications (including aerial) as listed on label, as well as industrial, commercial and residential areas.

- Restricted Use Pesticide - See product label for full application instructions