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Tomcat Ground Squirrel Bait

For control of California Ground Squirrels

Tomcat Ground Squirrel Bait is an effective bait for economical control of California Ground Squirrels around homes, buildings and other agricultural structures.  It's specifically formulated to kill California Ground Squirrels to help reduce burrowing and other damage to plants, crops and equipment.

- Specifically formulated to control California Ground Squirrels

- 0.005% (50ppm) Diphacinone, a proven anticoagulant active ingredient

- For use inside a bait station, within 100 feet of man-made structures

- Highly palatable formula that competes with Ground Squirrels’ natural food source

- Approved for control of California Ground Squirrels in 9 states: California, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and North Dakota

- Available in 5lb or 12lb Pail of Bulk pellets