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Kill & Contain

No see, no-touch trap with a small footprint

The Safe, Simple and Secure way to catch & kill mice - the Tomcat Kill & Contain is safe to use around children and pets.  The fully enclosed capture area will securely hold mice and the easy-view indicator tells you when you've caught a mouse.  Tomcat Kill & Contain includes an easy to use bait door in the back that will entice mice into the trap and easily sets with just one press.  The entire trap is disposable - no need to see or touch the mouse. 

- Kills mice in a fully enclosed capture area for no-see, no-touch disposal of mice

- Safe to use indoors around children and pets

- Slim profile is great for tight spaces like cabinets or around appliances

- Sets with just one finger and includes an easy to use bait door to attract mice into trap

- Each box contains 2 x Disposable Traps