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Tomcat Mouse Killer 1pk

Kid and Dog Resistant Disposable Station

Tomcat Mouse Killer contains one (1) Tier 1 Disposable Bait Station with 1oz block of bait.  Effectively controls mice while providing the security of a Tier 1 child and dog resistant station.   Made with Bromethalin – an acute, non-anticoagulant active proven to kill mice faster than anticoagulant baits.  Each Block kills up to 12 Mice, based on no choice laboratory testing.

- Tier 1 Bait Station made with a highly durable polycarbonate and meets EPA's highest standard for bait station security

- Bait station is proven resistant to tampering by children & dogs

- Convenient disposable station - simply discard when bait is gone

- Clear lid for easy bait monitoring 

- Made with Bromethalin, an acute non-anticoagulant active

- Each block kills up to 12 Mice, based on choice laboratory testing.