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Weighted Bait Station with a pre-installed brick

The Tomcat Titan Weighted Bait Station is designed to make implementing a rodent control program simple, fast and effective.  It includes a custom-made, pre-installed brick, so no additional securing is required.  The Titan makes it easy to set up a new program and is significantly faster to clean and service, saving producers valuable time and labor.

- Titan Bait Stations are ready-to-go and require no additional securing thanks to a pre-installed custom brick

- Weighted Stations are less likely to be disturbed by livestock and will stay in place during clean out

- Removable tray for faster bait replacement: saves time and labor costs

- Single key locking mechanism - can be used keyed or keyless

- Proven Tier 1 Security: Titan has been tested and is tamper-resistant to both children and pets

- Holds up to 8 x 1oz Chunx on 4 Vertical Rods, 2 Rat Traps or 2 Heavy Duty Mouse Traps

- Perfect for new construction - durable, heavy-duty pastic will last for years.