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ZP AG Pelleted Bait

Broad label for a variety of crop and agricultural applications

ZP AG Pellets are uniquely formulated to control a wide variety of agricultural pests in multiple crop and rangeland applications.  The broad label allows for broadcasting in orchards, grass grown for seed, vineyards, alfalfa, nurseries, sugar cane and others.  The acute active ingredient, Zinc Phosphide is uniformly incorporated throughout the pellets to ensure, consistent, effective applications.  Use ZP AG according to label directions to control Gophers, Voles, Ground Squirrels, Rats and Mice.  ZP Ag is a Restricted Use Pesticide for use only by certified applicators.  See product label for full details on allowed applications and product use.

- Zinc Phosphide bait for use in crop and rangeland applications

- Can be used on various crops for control of specific species of gophers, ground squirrels, voles, rats and mice

- Uniquely formulated to compete with natural food sources

- Proven effective with active ingredient uniformly incorporated throughout pellets or oats

- Durable pellet structure to minimize crumbling and dust

- Restricted Use Pesticide - see product label for full application instructions

- Available in 50lb Pellets, 50 lb "Short" Pellets and 1450 lb Totes