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Madison, WI – May 15, 2019: Motomco, the World Leader in Rodent Control Technology, is pleased to announce the introduction of a new bait product: Tomcat® Rough Cut Nuggets. 

Tomcat® Rough Cut Nuggets are an entirely new bait form in the rodent category, giving farmers and homeowners an additional option when they’re putting out bait to control rodent problems.  The ½” diameter “Nugget” shape is similar to baits that Motomco developed for their Island Conservation work restoring natural habitats around the world.  For those projects to be successful, they need to achieve 100% eradication of the rodent population, and the larger bait Nuggets have proven to work extremely well.

The bait contains the active ingredient Diphacinone, a first generation anticoagulant used in the most popular, top-selling Tomcat® products in farm and dealer stores.  Diphacinone is a multiple-feed active, meaning rats and mice have to feed more than once to consume a lethal dose, so bait acceptance is critical.

Motomco’s focus on quality ingredients results in a bait that’s highly attractive and maximizes consumption to deliver the best possible control. The “Rough Cut” edges provide a unique texture that encourage rodents’ to gnaw, and specialized production of the bait formula requires minimal processing, without the need for additional coatings, heat extrusion or paraffin wax.

“With Tomcat® Rough Cut Nuggets, we really wanted to get ‘back to basics’, with a straightforward, easy to use bait that rats and mice will find extremely tasty,” said Andy Schoenherr, Ag Product Manager for Motomco. “Rodents cause a lot of different issues, and this gives people another excellent way to use Tomcat to solve their particular problem.”

Tomcat® Rough Cut Nuggets are available in a 4 pound bag of bulk bait and will be sold through Motomco’s nationwide network of retailers, distributors and animal health suppliers. It is registered for sale in all states and will begin shipping in July of 2019.

Motomco is the World Leader in Rodent Control Technology, dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of innovative, high quality products for the control of rats, mice, moles and other pest species. Motomco is the leader in rodent control for the agricultural market and support their customers with the industry's most qualified Territory Managers.