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Madison, WI – August 28, 2017: One of the most trusted and widely used rodenticide brands in agriculture isnow available in a new form: Hawk® Soft Bait.

Hawk® Soft Bait was formulated by Motomco utilizing the most extensive, in-depth research in the company’s history. Throughout the product development process, Motomco, in conjunction with their parent company, Bell Laboratories, conducted both lab and field studies to maximize the product’s performance. Significant field studies were done in commercial and residential areas, as well as both urban and rural environments.

"For years, Hawk Baits have been the industry standard for outstanding palatability and control," said Kent Gutzmer, President of the Motomco Ag Division.  "This will be an excellent option for producers that utilize soft bait as part of their rodent control program."

Along with outstanding rodent acceptance and control, Hawk® Soft Bait offers several advantages for agricultural producers seeking solutions to any rodent control problem. The new soft bait has a highly palatable, sunflower-oil based formula with a specific balance of saturated and unsaturated fats. In addition, the manufacturing process ensures the surface area of the soft bait comes into maximum contact with the paper sachet—further maximizing bait acceptance.

Hawk® Soft Bait is designed to withstand any climate. In colder areas, the bait won’t freeze, and when temperatures and humidity rise, Hawk® Soft Bait is both mold and heat-resistant.

Hawk® Soft Bait is available in 16lb pails with a 10gm sachet size, allowing for greater flexibility to be used in either mouse or rat placement applications.It is registered for sale in all states except California and is available through Motomco’s nationwide network of distributors and animal health suppliers.

Motomco is the world leader in rodent control technology, dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of innovative, high quality products for the control of rats, mice, moles and other pest species. Motomco is the leader in rodent control for the agricultural market and support their customers with the industry's most qualified Territory Managers.