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Madison, WI – July 1, 2019: Motomco, the World Leader in Rodent Technology, is introducing OUTPOST, the latest addition to the full line of Tomcat Rodent Bait Stations.  The simple, easy to open design is an excellent value for Agricultural Producers who require the safety and security of tamper-resistant bait stations on their operation.

The OUTPOST is a fully lockable, high quality bait station that’s easy to open and service with a single lock and  key.  It’s side-opening design, rounded interior and locking bait rods make managing a rodent control baiting program fast and efficient.  The station has a large bait capacity, holding up to eight 1oz Bait Chunx on vertical securing rods. 

The compact design has a small footprint, and the OUTPOST will also stand up vertically so it’s a great option for tight spaces or narrow walkways.  It also has several options for securing and will easily mount vertically on a wall.  Like most Tomcat Bait Stations, the Outpost can be set up with a keyless option, protecting the bait from non-target animals like pets, livestock or wildlife, without the need for carrying a separate key.

Tamper-resistant bait stations are required by the EPA for all outdoor, above-ground baiting, and maintaining a consistent rodent control program is a critical component of Biosecurity and disease prevention.  With their extensive Tomcat product line, including the original Rat Bait Station, Bullet, Vertical, and Titan, Motomco has the most comprehensive array of high quality bait station options for Agricultural producers.

Motomco is the world leader in rodent control technology, dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of innovative, high quality products for the control of rats, mice, moles and other pest species. Motomco is the leader in rodent control for the agricultural market and support their customers with the industry's most qualified Territory Managers.